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Subject: Re: Archoc usage poll for patch
From: Brian King (
Date: 2003-12-17

TP Diffenbach wrote:
> For a patch I'm working on, I'd like to know how you use you Archos.
> Specifically, how often do you
> a) remove tracks from the Archos; how many have been removed in the last
> two weeks?


> b) add tracks to the Archos; how many have been added in the last two
> weeks?


> c) what proportion of tracks have been on your Archos for over a month?


I ran out of room on my 20G fm recorder, so whenever I add tracks, I
generally have to delete others. As far as patches to help manage this,
one that I think would be useful would be a patch that kept statistics
on what songs were most frequently listened to and which ones got
skipped when encountered in a playlist. Something that wrote a nice
ASCII stats file out that could be parsed by tools on a PC.


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