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Subject: Re BUGS - ARGH
From: Mat Holton (
Date: 2003-12-17

>> It's also not desirable for everyone to be running different daily builds.
>> You want the core user group using the most recent release, beta testers use
>> the most recent beta, and core developers running daily builds.
>I disagree. I want a large crowd to run daily-builds. This way we don't have
>to deal with beta-releases at all. Like for the 2.1 release. This way, we get
>bug reports earlier and thus fix problems earlier.

That's okay then! I'll mention this problem i've found with yesterdays source tarball (with a very minor
modification of my own, swapping F2/F2 key functionity). I noticed it about 3 times last night, possibly after
running a video. I start an mp3 and for some reason decided I wanted to goto the main menu straight away so pressed
F1 and hte unit locked up before the mp3 started. I have tried it again today and can't repeat it. I know that's the
most annoying thing - "can't repeat" (If someone comes to me at work with that...), I'm just mentioning it in case it
triggers other people who have noticed it.



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