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Subject: Re: Problems
From: Mat Holton (
Date: 2003-12-17

Are you definatly using the UCL file from the correct build, FM, or plain REC?

I accidently created a UCL file for the REC and flashed it onto my FM last night and had the same symptoms.
Reflashing with the correctly produced UCL file solved the problem.

-----Original Message-----From: Rune Wiinberg <>To: <>Sent: 17/12/2003 12:04Subject: ProblemsHello fellow Rockboxers

I've experienced some strange problems on my 2 year old AJR 20 (v1) since

flashing with the newest RB-bootloader: (btw. I've used the old

rb-bootloader since it's introduction, without any problems.)

When i try to turn the AJR on, the disk spins up and the green led lights,

but the lcd remains blank with background light off.

Also I'm pretty sure that it isn't caused by a LCD HW failure since I'm

unable to start any music (navigating blindly) or use the USB interface.

I figured that it might be a HW error that causes minimon to load on every


But that's just my uneducated guess.

Any surgestions would be welcome :-)

/ Rune


"Life's just a mood ring we're not allowed to see."

 They Might Be Giants.


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