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Subject: Re: BUGS - ARGH
From: Björn Stenberg (
Date: 2003-12-17

John Stevenson wrote:
> Following a standard test strategy you always have a 'baseline' to compare
> against - you need a known constant - otherwise how can you refer back when
> checking for bugs/defects? A solution here maybe instead of having a daily
> build have a weekly build in which there can be a fixed baseline.

Publishing builds once a week or once a day is no difference. The period between publishing has no impact on the process.

You (in plural) are making a mistake thinking open free development works (or should work) the same way closed commercial development does. They are very different beasts, with very different context. What works well for one often does not work for the other.

If you see a problem with our process, by all means please point it out and suggest improvements. But please avoid criticizing it simply because it does not work the same as your day job. It's not supposed to.


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