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Subject: Re: Problems
From: [IDC]Dragon (
Date: 2003-12-17

> When i try to turn the AJR on, the disk spins up and the green led lights,
> but the lcd remains blank with background light off.
> Also I'm pretty sure that it isn't caused by a LCD HW failure since I'm
> unable to start any music (navigating blindly) or use the USB interface.
> I figured that it might be a HW error that causes minimon to load on every
> boot.

This could in fact be minimon, since it does close to nothing in terms of
init, the disk spins and the unit sits and waits for commands. Maybe your
buttons behave strange, like F3 stuck.

Are you able to start the box at all (F1, USB, charger, whatever)?
If you can, what are you analog port readings for the buttons, especially
F3? (debug -> view I/O ports, need only the channel relevant for the button)
Which model do you have?


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