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Subject: Re: Problems
From: Rune Wiinberg (
Date: 2003-12-17

>I'm not just using your post to push my selfish agenda of bashing FMRs.)
heh, don't worry I won't bash you ;-)

> Questions: the green led comes on. Does it (often) stay on only as long as
> you are pressing the power button?
No it stays on until i turn it off myself.

>Can you (rarely) get it to boot all the
> way? If so, does it later spontaneously "freeze" or turn itself off?
I got it to boot as described in my post to Jörg. No freezes or turn offs

> Does squeezing the unit affect its booting behavior? Does a good squeeze
> the top of the unit make it more likely to boot or to get further in its
> boot?
I (hopefully) fixed the problem by reflashing the bootloader so I don't
think that it was caused by a short.

> it's back from newmp3technology today, so maybe I'll have some good
> news.
Good luck, I hope that it works out for you. :-)

/ Rune

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