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Subject: RE: Batteries?
From: scott (
Date: 2003-12-18

--- Fred Maxwell <> wrote:
> > he said in his original post that it was OT.
> So he doesn't have a right to criticize me for replying on the same topic.

i could try to make an aurguemnt between the difference between "off topic" and "wildly off
topic," but i won't, though i do agree that many of your posts come off as antagonistic (even if
they aren't intended to be).

> > there was nothing inflammatory about his original post, and you weren't
> > obligated to reply.
> And there was nothing inflammatory in my reply to that post. It started out
> with the sentence "Please encourage your friend to go back to NiMH batteries
> for the sake of the environment." How is saying that or pointing out other
> reasons to avoid the use of alkaline batteries inflammatory? Please, tell
> me.

sorry, when you said "if you don't like off-topic, inflammatory posts, then stop
making them," i thought you were using post to mean thread for some reason. while i agree with you
about nimh vs alkaline, it was out of line to assume (or imply, whatever) john's friend was
stealing the batteries. i probably should have stayed out of this thread all together, but it's
too late now.


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