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Subject: Re: Archos USB A-Male to A-Male against USB Law !!!
From: Jon Drukman (
Date: 2003-12-18

At 09:37 AM 12/17/2003, SteamShip wrote:
>When you do technical research on various USB, IDE, SATA, Parallel, SCSI
>cables and how much difference there is in actual measured performance, and
>shielding from other electromagnetic sources, you will know why I am looking
>for quality. I still have not found any, despite the better search term
>that Björn gave me.

i have never seen "high quality" A-A cables but i'm currently using a 10
foot, thin, non-gold-plated one that cost $3. the performance is just
fine. what do you hope to gain by buying an expensive
made-by-a-brand-name-you-can-trust instead of some generic cheap asian
knockoff? it's not like you're going to wind up with randomly scrambled
data in your files!

i mean i can vaguely sort of understand it for analog audio cables (but
still not enough to buy monster cables instead of just reasonable gauge
wires (ie: not the stuff that comes for free with the device)).


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