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Subject: Slow "Lights Out"
From: Mark Bright (
Date: 2003-12-18

I remember that this has been mentioned in the past, but do not think
there was a conclusion.

I currently have a FMR (Flashed), although I have seem the same thing
before flashing, and on my previous machine: A Recorder 20 (both flashed
and non-flashed).

When the display lights up, either at the end of a track, or in response
to a button press, it *Normally* switches off after the time out period.
Sometimes however it just slowly fades.

I can find no factors to cause it to do one or the other (Switch off or
Fade), but I have noticed that if it is going to fade, the display goes
a little BRIGHTER before starting to fade.

Anyone else get this, or know a way to replicate it?


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