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Subject: Re: the helpful Bluechip (was Re: BUGS - ARGH)

Re: the helpful Bluechip (was Re: BUGS - ARGH)

From: <>
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003 10:39:01 -0500 (EST)

I really didn't want to get into this, but as a native English speaker who
is not a Rockbox developer, I hope I can contribute something positive.

When someone says "Back off" in this context, they are indicating that the
current conversation is really annoying, and they want it to stop. A
somewhat less severe version of this would be "don't go there". It is an
attempt to avoid a more hostile confrontation.

It is not an insult; more like a warning. Most sensible people would back
off. If someone ignores this kind of warning, they deserve whatever they

> On Thu, 18 Dec 2003, Mat Holton wrote:
>> I agree that Daniel was out of order with his "back off" comment.
> I think you native-english speakers need to remember that some of us
> non-americans non-brittish people aren't native english speakers. That
> means
> that when I write english, I don't always find the best words, phrases or
> synonyms. It makes it even more important to read the contents, and not
> trying
> to find "a tone" in the mails.
> I'm sorry if 'back off' is sounding offensive, but it wasn't my intention.
> I
> was only trying to ask him to not pressure me into a corner with his
> questions, and I then explained my reasoning. I was not being personal and
> I
> was not being rude, besides that "back off" comment. I wanted it to be a
> "hold
> it, take a moment and see what I have to say about this first before we
> continue down this road".
>> I don't see how that could have been taken any other way than offensive.
> Even if I were offensive, I did not insult him. Not then, not now and
> never
> before. He continues to throw dirt on me, both in the past and in this
> discussion again. He puts words in my mouth and claims I've written
> things
> that a quick search in the mail archives pretty soon reveals simply is
> false.
>> BlueChip is obviously trying to help and it certainly appears to me that
>> the
>> help is being rejected
> What help is that? I've yet to see his help. And what help are we
> rejecting?
> I'm sorry, but I honestly can't see any.
>> right down to Daniel saying he won't reply to any more of BlueChips
>> posts.
> If Bluechip apologizes in public for his behavior and changes it for the
> future, then I'll reconsider. Until then I'll continue to ignore him. I've
> lost my patience with him.
> I don't think this project has benefited one single bit so far from his
> "help". Yes, if we end up allowed to use the info he's provided, then I
> admit
> he has helped the project.
> Me ignoring Bluechip is only one person ignoring another. There are almost
> 500
> persons on this list alone. Now, if Bluechip is helpful and I am not, then
> my
> ignorance can't be nothing but goodness for this list/project.
> --
> Daniel Stenberg -- --
Received on 2003-12-18

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