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Subject: Searching without a plugin, was Search Plugin

Searching without a plugin, was Search Plugin

From: Elliott, Tim <>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 06:19:27 -0700

Well, I guess I would define "every possible search" as the ability to find
any word in any song. I guess numbers would be a good idea to include as
well. What I am proposing is just to run some code on the PC to gather every
word in every song and then dump that to something that the Archos can use.
Or that we (as humans) could easily use. In other words, to preprocess and
give up drive space to gain speed and ease of use later.

On my unit, I am storing all the words of all song titles as playlists. One
playlist for every word in every song, and then storing those playlists in
separate folders on the drive under a master "!SEARCH" folder. I wrote a
small VB app to do this for me. I just create a playlist of the songs I want
the program to create "word based" playlists for, and then tell the VB app
to use that playlist and then it spits out a TON of directories and a TON of
playlists, which then I copy over to my Archos. This way if I get a several
new songs, I just create a new playlist for just those songs and feed that
to my VB app so that it can merge the new songs into the existing word based
playlists that I might already have.

Lets say I want to search for a song called "Go home Fool.mp3"
Using Fool as the word I am searching for,
On my Archos, I just browse to my folder where I keep all the "search"
playlists, and then go to the
"F" folder, then I go to the "O" folder, then I scroll down untill I see the
Fool.m3u playlist I can then just play it. Currently I am only using the
first two letters of the word to search for.

While the playlist might contain other songs that have the word "fool" in
them, I can always choose next song untill I get to the one I want.
I have considered rewriting my code to do a little better job of making the
playlists contain only one song each. The example I used would then be
listed as "Fool, go home.m3u". There would also be playlists for the other
words too. "Go home fool.m3u", and "Home, go fool.m3u".

I currently have about 3,623 songs and am using about 15GB on my Recorder20.
After using this method on all my music on the drive, I end up with an
additional 12MB of disk spaced used just for the search files and folders.
The Search folder also contains 3,088 playlists and it is using 293 folders.

To me giving up a measly 12MB is nothing for the ability to easily and
quickly search even while other songs are playing. The one negative to all
this is that my current VB app is still a little picky about song titles. If
I have non text in the song title, the program will create some non text


-----Original Message-----
From: Rune Wiinberg []
Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2003 4:43 PM
Subject: Fw: Search Plugin

> Wouldn't a search capability work much better if you did every possible
> search on your PC, and you carried the results around with you on the
> Archos?

Just out of curiousity: How do you define: "every possible search " ?

I personally find it usefull to be able to do simple searches on the run -
if I eg. wants to listen to a certain song and I can't recall in which
directory it's stored.

However with more complex searches (including ID3 tracks) I (like you) tend
to use my PC. - But I rarely perform these.

/ Rune
Received on 2003-12-19

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