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Subject: FW: Please explain the UART boot hardware mod to a chimpanzee
From: TP Diffenbach (
Date: 2003-12-19

Follow-up: IRC with Linus cleared up some questions for, and he indicated
that sells the required equipment.
I'm still not sure which type, 1, 2, or, 3 would work best for me.

I'd still like a thorough tutorial. The web pages in which Jörg describes
the process, and provides software to facilitate it, all seem to be missing:

-----Original Message-----
From: TP Diffenbach []
Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2003 1:21 PM
To: Rockbox_at_Cool. Haxx. Se
Subject: Please explain the UART boot hardware mod to a chimpanzee

I'm not sure why I don't just give up and forget about portable music,

Will somebody please explain what's required for the UART boot mod?

Please bear in mind that I know nothing about soldering or electronics, so
please use small simple and unambiguous words. And diagrams or pictures if
at all possible. (Ok, I have a 15-watt grounded soldering iron. I've used it
to re-attach a couple of wires that came loose in my cheep-o PC headphones,
allowing me to once again hear sound from the left ear-piece.)

As much as possible, please make your directions like a recipe to be used by
a chimp: e.g., "Go to RadioShacck, ask for a globizit with a foobitute of
2.7 and an amplitude of 6. The globizit will look like a door-knob covered
with pencil erasers. It should cost less than 10 dollars."

Please don't assume that /anything/ regarding electronics will be known by,
or obvious to, me. For example, I will not know what kind of wires or solder
to use. I will not know what a "ground" wire is, but I will understand "the
red wire" or "the leftmost wire".

Thanks for your time and attention.


PS: I've been waiting for an answer to this since yesterday, only to figure
out I must have sent it using my personal email address, which is not
subscribed to the rockbox list. As a result, my message was rejected. Is
there any chance that rejected messages could be bounced back to the sender,
so I'd know to use the right sending account? Thanks.

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