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Subject: Re: Enqueing all types.
From: Michael Hentschel (
Date: 2003-12-19

Sounds good. Would encoding into the id3 tag require some kind of special
id3 editor or could this be done in, say, winamp or so? I'm no id3 expert,
so I only know those "normal" parameters like title, artist, etc.


> Easy. When an mp3 is loaded, read it's associated cfg file, if any. To
> associate cfg files to mp3s, we could:
> look for a .cfg in the same directory with the same file name as the
> or
> look in the mp3's id3 information for the file name of the .cfg, or
> directly encode configuration options in an id3 tag.
> If we did not find a .cfg associated with the file, we'd look for a .cfg
> the directory with the same name as the directory; we could keep ascending
> to parent directories until we found a .cfg (and obviously this would
> benefit from intelligent "caching", or really remembering whether we'd
> already looked above a certain directory).

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