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Subject: Re: EAC/Lame IS THE ANSWER
From: Planet77 (
Date: 2003-12-20


I just wanted to give my words to this discussion, every HiFi/MP3/Compression
Freak will tell you that EAC is the best programm. This is right, but sometimes
it is a little bit complicated to use. I use CDEX which is perhaps not as good
as EAC but very good as well. Same Encoder, I use lame for VBR Files at
quality High (q=2), and VBR 2 and I get very good results they are often about
200 kb/s which is very good for quality and size.
If you are a freak use EAC, if you want to have as good results, I don't think
you can hear a difference, use CDEX because it is just more user friendly.
I don't want to discuss why EAC is better, but I am using CDEX because I can
change any compression or other settings faster as it would be with using EAC.

Just my thoughts...


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