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Subject: Poll, please read: What's your next MP3 player? Have you hardware problems with your Archos?
From: TP Diffenbach (
Date: 2003-12-20

Please indicate in a reply to this post when you next expect to buy an MP3
player, and what you plan to buy. Please indicate, on a scale of 1 to 5, how
important it is to you to have Rockbox on your next player, as opposed to
another firmware, with 1 being not important at all, and 5 being so
important you would not buy a product that did not run Rockbox.

IF you have had hardware problems with your Archos, that required returning
or repairing the unit, please include in your reply:
  how long you had the unit before the failure occurred,
  whether it was returned or repaired,
  and whether it is currently useable.

If you had more than one hardware problem occurrence (e.g., returned a unit,
then had to return the replacement), please list each return/repair

If your Archos is not currently in use, please indicate why, and what
replacement, if any, you have purchased.

To avoid annoying other readers of the list, please keep the subject as it
is (or with "re:" pre-pended) so that other readers can skip these posts if
they wish.


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