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Subject: RE: EAC/Lame THE ANSWER !!!
From: Fred Maxwell (
Date: 2003-12-21

Steamship wrote:

> It only made sense to >snip< all that posting, and I apologize for any
> part my comments have played in causing a flame war.

It's not your fault. I enjoy discussing the pros and cons of different
rippers. But it is beyond the pale to suggest that a freeware author may
have included spyware, malicious code, or might have stolen code from a
GPL'd program simply because he chooses to keep his program closed source.

> I simply cannot believe that people would judge a program's value on the
> basis of it working on Linux or being open source.

I just want to find the best way to make MP3s for my Rockbox'd Archos Studio
10. If it requires that I boot BeOS, Linux, Windows, DOS, or FreeBSD,
that's fine. My concern is the audio quality, not making political
statements about software development and distribution methods.

In some cases, I may not run the "best" package for reasons of price, OS
compatibility, hardware compatibility, etc. But I'm not going to claim that
said package is not "the best" solely because I can't run it.

  Fred Maxwell

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