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Subject: Re: Peak meter stuff in plugin API?
From: BlueChip (
Date: 2003-12-21

Maybe I missed the point, but there are two plugins which already access
this information: The VU Meter, and the Oscillograph - maybe examination of
this code will help?

But if it comes to the vote to allow more access to plugins, I am all for
modular software, and would say, yes - add it. I'm sure it's likely to be
a simple task, but if I am wrong, feel free to ask me to read the code
before my next bunch of help.

>My task:
>I startet with my old idea of a split editor again. One of the core
>features of it will be a graphical osci for visual identification of the
>desired split point. I'd like to scale and zoom this osci according to
>the settings the user has chosen for the peak meter.
>The Problem:
>The peak meter code is not reachable via the plugin api. I'm a bit in
>doubt wether it should be or not. The peak meter code resides in the
>apps dir and I don't really consider it core functionality. I think it
>might be all right to put the mere db transformation into mpeg.h as
>there are other similar functionalities (e.g. sound settings). But as
>soon as it comes down to scaling to screen coordinates I somehow don't
>like it in mpeg.h. And even that would not be sufficiant for my task
>since I want to reuse the user settings.
>What do you think?
>P.s.: If you have no idea what a split editor might look like here's a
>preview that doesn't split yet.

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