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Subject: Re: Misflashed Archos Jukebox Recorder FM

Re: Misflashed Archos Jukebox Recorder FM

From: Christian A. Wojek <>
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 22:58:08 +0100

Hallo again,

> I've made a mistake when flashing my Archos Jukebox Recoder's bootloader. I
> took the wrong package and flashed the Recoder Firmware instead the FM
> Recorder Bootloader.

I finally figured out how to solve this problem without to do the UART and
serial mod. The only things you need are all the tools for disassembling and
a converter to plug a 2,5" HDD into a normal PC.
Step by step (how I managed it):

- Disassemble the Jukebox and get the HDD out.
- Plug the HDD into your PC
- Then you need a special ajbrec.ajz which is compiled for a FM Jukebox and
scrambled for the Recorder box (Necessary because the headers differ for both
models). Jörg was so kind to build me one :-)
- Copy ajbrec.ajz into the root folder of your HDD, get a recent UCL version
of Rockbox FM firmware (one that is compatible to the firmware_flash.rock we
need later on) and put it on your HDD as well. And of course do not forget
the ".rockbox" folder!
- Reassemble your box
- Start the box via ON+F1 ... the bootloader of the orignal Recorder Software
then will start the appropriate FM Recorder ajbrec.ajz software and we're
back on our box again. Juhu, USB and all the other great stuff of Rockbox
firmware is working again! The only problem now is that the wrong Recorder
bootloader still resides in our flash ROM...
- Get a firmware_flash.rock without sanity checks (ask Jörg again or compile
one on your own...), this is necessary since your Jukebox FM believes it is a
Recorder and won't let you flash a bin for the FM version. Take care that it
is compatible to your ajbrec.ajz or at least to your rockbox.ucl version!
- If the versions (ajbrec.ajz and firmware_flash.rock) do not go along with
each other run the appropriate rockbox.ucl to flash Rockbox into the second
position of the bootloader and restart your box without F1.
- Run firmware_flash.rock as described in Jörg's tutorial and bring therewith
the FM Recorder bootloader into the flash ROM
- Finished puah...

Thanks to Jörg for his fast help!
Merry Christmas!!!

Always the dullness of the fool is the whetstone of the wits.
		-- William Shakespeare, "As You Like It"
Received on 2003-12-22

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