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Subject: RE: EAC/Lame THE ANSWER !!!
From: Fred Maxwell (
Date: 2003-12-22

Mark wrote:
> Last time I used it, it did work EXCEPTIONALLY well, but was really
> difficult to configure etc. I tried the new version yesterday; ripping
> one
> track that I know quite well, from a CD that I rate highly for quality
> reproduction, with both Musicmatch and EAC/LAME giving 160kbps VBR files.
> As musicmatch completed the task in about 6 minutes, and EAC/LAME took 37
> minutes...

Whoa! 37 minutes to rip and encode one song? Are you using a 33mhz 486?
As a test, I just ripped and encoded an entire CD in 13 minutes and 30
seconds. That was 13 tracks over 55 minutes in total length and the
encoding I used was the --preset extreme setting. Had I used a lesser
setting of LAME (say 160kbps CBR), the whole thing would have been done in
just over 7 minutes.

While I appreciate the effort you went to in order to conduct a fair test,
you only used one song from one CD. The beauty of EAC is its ability to do
error-free rips. If the one song you selected read pretty much error-free
anyway, then EAC would offer no real advantage on that song. A skydiving
analogy: You do two jumps, one with a backup chute and one without. Both
jumps go fine and you conclude that the backup chute, which doubles the size
and weight of your backpack, just isn't worthwhile.

  Fred Maxwell

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