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Subject: Re: OT:Re: blastman007 Entschuldigung

Re: OT:Re: blastman007 Entschuldigung

From: David McIntyre <>
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 19:34:16 -0800

Basically, I was asking for discussion of license changes to be moved to
another list. Personally, I'm more than happy with GPL. I would argue for
keeping it. If all the devs see it the same as I do, there's no reason to
change anything.
If, however, some people want to put restrictions on their code, like "this
work and all derivatives can never be sold without a licensing fee" (or any
other credits they may wish), perhaps the license should be modified to
accomodate them.
FWIW, I proudly added my code for the vu_meter plugin under the GNU banner. I
don't care if someone sells a derivative for $1mil and never gives me a nickel.
It's GNU. That's their right... as long as my name stays attached to the code,
Cuz goddamn it, I wrote it, and they didn't.
Anyone who reads the aftermath of the OpenNeo code branch and the EBay debacle
and feels like there needs to be a change to things should feel free to make
their voice heard. But I think that would be better discussed in another
mailing list. This discussion has gone on long enough in this forum.
alt.rockbox.whine.bitch.moan anyone?

On Mon, Dec 22, 2003 at 09:17:33PM -0500, Minuk Choi wrote:
> Sensitive and volatile?
> Well, if anything I wrote offended your sense, than I apologize... that
> remark about writing english was basically me admitting my oversight... that
> so in all this time... I just for some reason took for granted that everyone
> wrote in English. 'tis all. It wasn't any crack geared towards anyone.
> Regarding the license... I don't think there really is an issue, unless, of
> course, the creators wish to change it. I mean, where as MySQL is free for
> personal use, but requires the purchase of a commercial license if you
> produce software or in anyway sell your product with MySQL... postgresql, I
> believe is "free" in the sense that private use or commercial use, you don't
> have to buy a license or even acknowledge the producers(but I believe you
> have to include a small copy right txt file intact, though).
> Now, again, German isn't a language I'm familiar with... but as long as he
> didn't imply he created/produced the software, it should be okay, shouldn't
> it? I mean, it's kinda like as if you're selling a PC with Red Hat Linux...
> you might tack on an "installation" charge... the end user might be willing
> to pay not because you made Red Hat Linux, but that you installed it,
> leaving the end user free from installation woes.(if he sold Archos with a
> URL to Rockbox... the buy might not even bother, whereas if it was already
> loaded, he might). Keep in mind, that I feel that Rockbox is ridiculously
> easy to install, and that was just an example!
> -Mark
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "David McIntyre" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Monday, December 22, 2003 12:35 PM
> Subject: Re: OT:Re: blastman007 Entschuldigung
> > Perhaps it is time to discuss changing the license. Can another list be
> created
> > for this? Or should we just spam this one with a bunch of discussion on a
> > sensitive and volatile topic?
> >
> > On Sun, Dec 21, 2003 at 05:10:01PM -0500, Minuk Choi wrote:
> > > Going off topic for a second...
> > >
> > > reading this e-mail made me realize something... you all can write in
> english? For some reason I didn't think much about how everyone was writing
> in English until this fellow's e-mail.
> > >
> > > Regarding the ebay thing... do 'ya suppose it's time to change to
> license? I mean, MySQL has a GPL license for private use and a commercial
> license, if you plan to sell it.
> > >
> >
> > --
> > David McIntyre
> > PGP Key fingerprint = CAB5 A73A 43FA 19E3 449D 20B8 25D7 FA84 8847 D6A7
> > for geek code, pgp key, etc.
> >

David McIntyre
PGP Key fingerprint = CAB5 A73A 43FA 19E3 449D  20B8 25D7 FA84 8847 D6A7 for geek code, pgp key, etc. 
Received on 2003-12-23

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