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Subject: Re: ext3 in archos?
From: Chris Muth (
Date: 2003-12-29

On 12/29/03 at 6:33 AM BlueChip wrote:

>A couple of things jump out at me here.
>First off, yes, with flashed code, there is little reason for linux users
>to be confined to the restraints of FAT. BUT suddenly your archos cannot
>be used to xfr files to/from your friend's non-linux box ...which may or
>may not be relevant to you.
This is all very true.
If one uses Linux, and is not concerned about transferring to/from a windows
machine, then - for them - it might be easier to just use a sane file system.
Rockbox could support various file systems via #ifdef's in the code, that way the
Rockbox binary would not have so much wasted code for the file systems that are
not in use. Since I am not involved in the development and will not be writing the
code, someone else would have to do that if they feel that it is a relevant feature.

>As for symlinks, I can see no reason why we should not implement that
>anyway. Windows offers .lnk files, it wouldn't be tooo hard to add that
>the rockbox UI.
I posted a link to a few files the describe the binary format of the lnk files a
while ago. I too think that supporting those would be a good idea.

Hmm... What about with the "Repeat: All" option set? This is where it plays
mp3's later in the directory after the one that one started. So one has a link at the
end of a directory that links to the next. Does rockbox follow the link and continue
playing? Questions, questions, questions.... :-)


Take Care,

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