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Subject: Re: ext3 in archos?
From: TJ Hunter (
Date: 2003-12-29

I like to use:

rsync -av --progress --size-only /mnt/archos/ /home/thunter/archos/

which just ignores the time altogether.

Robert L. Harris wrote:
> As I sit here and watch my system re-copy all 20+ Gigs onto the FAT
> filesystem on my Archos Jukebox I wonder if it's even possible to use a
> ext3 type filesystem with proper timestamp and permissions on the
> jukebox? Maybe partition it to 5Megs for FAT to enable the loading of
> the archos.mod and the rest ext3?
> doing a "rsync -av --progress /mnt/data1/MP3/ /mnt/usbdrive/" gets old
> watching the whole thing run overnight.
> Thoughts?
> Robert
> :wq!
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