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Subject: Re: cannot transfer between Recorder and computer
From: JMP (
Date: 2003-12-30

On Mon, 29 Dec 2003 17:40:26 -0500, Neon John wrote:

> On Mon, 29 Dec 2003 16:25:55 +0100, "Georges" <> wrote:
>>Hi, I'm visiting a friend and I cannot transfer from my Recorder 20 to his
>>computer (Windows SE). The usual icon appears in the lower right corner but
>>with a cross on it, and the Recorder is not recognized. I uninstalled and
>>reinstalled the Archos USB drivers without any results. Any ideas,
> I bet you plugged in the Recorder before installing the drivers. When that
> happens, Winders installs a dummy device placeholder. You'll need to delete
> that manually. Go into Control panel/device manager or whatever SE calls it.
> With the Recorder plugged in, look at either the USB (most likely) or
> removable hard drive tree to spot the bogus device. If you plug and unplug
> the Recorder, this device will usually come and go from the tree. With the
> Recorder plugged in, delete that device. Then immediately shut the machine
> down, disconnect the Recorder, reboot and install the driver. THEN connect
> the Recorder. Do not disconnect the recorder before shutting down, as that
> might trigger Plug'n'Pray to do another dummy.
> It's been awhile since I had to do this to 98 so details may be a little off.
> But this is the general idea. You should be able to figure it out.
> ---
> John De Armond
> Cleveland, Occupied TN

Thanks John, I followed your procedure and I did remove a dummy device, but
I'm still unable to transfer to the computer. It must be a hardware
problem. I'm back home now so it doesn't matter anymore but still, it would
be nice to know what was wrong. Cheers,

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