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Subject: Re: New Bookmark Release - 2004-01-02
From: Henrik Backe (
Date: 2004-01-04

"Magnus Holmgren" <> wrote in message
> Since global_bookmarkcopy is only used by parse_bookmark, one could
> consider putting it in that function (still declared static ofcourse).
> On the other hand, having it at the top makes it easier to see the total
> amount of static buffers used. :)

It was not Ben's idea to make bookmarkcopy global. I did it when I made
som space savings in parse_bookmark. I somhow thougth pointers to
was passed from the function, so I made it global to keep it in scope.
My misstake.

> Since a playlist filename only can be 260 chars, wouldn't it be possible
> to reduce MAX_BOOKMARK_SIZE a bit? Something like 340 seems safe...

Could be done since the filename (without path) is only there to be
displayed when
browsing the bookmarks. The filename is saved last so nothing will be broken
if it is

I believe it is commit time now Daniel ;-)


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