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Subject: Re: Silence detection
From: kurzhaarrocker (
Date: 2004-01-05

On Sat, 03 Jan 2004 20:33:04 +0100, "Martin Borus" <>
>For tape recordings, there's something else missing in my opinion:
>You have start, stop and rearm. This way you could lose bits of "silence" between
>the tracks. If you want to keep the original recording length in any case, a third
>option might be needed:
>In my example I would set the the
>Start above [-30db]
>for at least [1s]
>Stop below [-60db]
>for at least [15s]
>and add these options:
>Activate Split below [-40db]
>for at least [1s]
>after at least [90s]
>Activate Split should work in a way that when the Split is activated, the next time
>the start rule would apply again a split is made - using the start prerecording

Somehow I don't have a good feeling with that aproach of volume
triggered splitting. You have specified another threshold that
virtually does the same as the stop threshold: detect the begin of
silence. Do we really need to detect different levels of silence for
splitting and stopping?

As for the "split after at least n seconds" parameter - it sholdn't be
necessary. I consider it as a attempt to fix something that should be
fixed by setting the other trigger parameters properly. Somehow it is
the specification of a minimal song lenth. But the problem that this
parameter is supposed to fix is something else: avoid to detect
silence by error. That can occur after the minimal song length too. So
this parameter doesn't really fix the problem.

I like that parameter "Activate split when silence for at least n
seconds" though. I just don't know how to find an appropriate name to
fit it onto the screen. Maybe something like "Min Gaptime" which can
be set to off, too.


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