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Subject: flash update (was RE: Recording into Directory)
From: [IDC]Dragon (
Date: 2004-01-08

> So, does the .ucl re-flash with the daily build, and the loader stays
> the same?

yes, it only updates the second part of the flash, which containes the
Rockbox software. The first part with the bootloader and the Archos software is
not touched.

While at the subject: my recommended update procedure is:
- copy .ajz, .ucl, .rocks from the new build to the box
- run the .ajz, so 1) you know its's working, 2) you're consistent with the
- run the .ucl to flash it.

Rockbox is not using the .ajz, but I ususally leave it in the root, so a
F1-boot gets me into the same Rockbox version as flashed. If you like to use F1
to boot just Archos, you should delete it.

If the flashed version is bad for whatever reason, you can plug in USB and
F1-start to go with plain Archos while exchanging files. When you restored a
working set you can flash the better one.

So, no risk in all that, once the initial flashing is done.


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