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Subject: Re: Charging & Light
From: Nix (
Date: 2004-01-09

On Thu, 8 Jan 2004, Dragon stated:
>> On my FMR, the backlight doesn't come on at all on the charging
>> screen.
> This is because I power down the harddrive completely (so we can charge flat
> batteries). On the FM, this has a hardware side effect of disabling the
> backlight and the voltage reading. Nothing we can do about it.

Oh, OK. I misread an earlier email as saying that the backlight was used
*only* on the FM.

Hm. It occurs to me that you could power the hard drive down for the
first few minutes (when presumably the user *knows* it's charging, 'cos
he just plugged it in) and then flip the hard drive into its usual
spun-down state, so the backlight works. (After a few minutes of
charging, the hard drive should have enough power to do that.)

It might look a little odd, but you could make it look less odd by
fading the backlight in gradually :)

I'll have a hack this weekend, if I can find the time (oh! look! flying

As they say, build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a
path to your door. But nobody ever got anywhere outlawing mice.

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