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Subject: Re: Cold weather issues?
From: Rob Bauer (
Date: 2004-01-10

My FM Recorder is very cranky in cold weather. I find just putting it
directly in front of the car's heater vents for a minute or so works
really well. Then once the cabin temperature heats up, its good to go.
I find any temperature that brings the voltage around 3.5v or less
doesn't allow enough juice to get the drive to spin up. So when the
drive hangs, I'll put it in the debug mode and check the temperature.
Once its holding over 3.6v or so, I'll try booting it up again (it may
still get stuck, but the chances of it booting seem to be much better).
I also find leaving the charger unplugged helps when getting it started
(once the car has warmed up, I plug the charger in).


kurzhaarrocker wrote:

>On Fri, 9 Jan 2004 10:14:44 -0800 (PST), H C <>
>>It seems that, when the temperature is
>>below freezing, it won't boot, but gets stuck
>Did you know that the batteries perform much worse in cold conditions?
>Their performance can be reduced down to 10% - 20% just because of the
>temperature. I suppose that it is not so much a problem of the device
>but of the batteries. To verify if that is your problem you could try
>to put warm batteries into your cold unit.

Rob Bauer
Tekro, LLC - Web & Computer Consulting -+-

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