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Subject: Re: (Another) New Bookmark Release - 2004-01-10

Re: (Another) New Bookmark Release - 2004-01-10

From: Benjamin <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 16:48:23 -0800

Great, now I can forget about the patch completely :-). See below for my
comments. Thanks for integrating the patch and thanks to everyone (especially
Henrik) for their help in getting it right.

> - Changed the exit button in the bookmark viewer from LEFT to OFF,
> since most other screens do that (except menus, but we should fix
> that).
Looks like LEFT still works though.

> - Removed the following commented-out code:
> /* if(bookmark_count >= MAX_BOOKMARKS)
> break; */
> I hope that's not supposed to be there. :-)
Legacy code from when there was a hard limit on the number of bookmarks
allowed in a file. I commented it out for a test and forgot to delete it.

> - Removed the bookmark_autobookmark() call from the Disk Info
> screen(!) in debug_menu. I assume that was just forgotten debug code.
This was something Henrik added and I never understood why, so I left it in.

> - Replaced "," with ";" as bookmark field separator. This allows a single
> separator for all fields, instead of using both "," and "\". It
> also breaks old bookmarks, but I figured it was better to do it now
> than after two weeks of discussion. :-)
The code should delete those bookmarks that conform to the old style when
re-writing bookmark files.

> - Playlist bookmark files are named <playlist>.m3u.bmark, which
> means that when browsing in "show only supported files" mode, the
> file is displayed as <playlist>.m3u. This is quite confusing, and
> isn't helped much by the icon.
Never noticed. Sounds like a bug in the display code :-).

> - I still haven't grasped the difference between List Bookmarks and Recent
> Bookmarks, or when to use which. Maybe there is an explanation I
> didn't read somewhere, but then most users don't either so I think
> we need to clarify it. :-)
List bookmarks lists the bookmarks for the currently playing directory or
playlist. If nothing is playing, then nothing will be displayed. Recent
bookmarks are independent of what is (or even if something is) playing and
displays all bookmarks. Now that I think about it, this could be a problem if
there are no bookmark limits in place and unique only is not set. Then the
file could get quite large. I'll have to look into it.

> At last, a very big THANK YOU for writing this code and having the
> patience to adapt it to all my whims. :-)
For you, Björn? Anything. You're just so special :-).

Received on 2004-01-14

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