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Subject: Re: What is RLOD?
From: Christof Schablinski (
Date: 2004-01-15

Daniel Gudlat wrote:
> Christof Schablinski wrote:
> > what is RLOD?
> Red LED Of Death. My cutesy bastardization ( la Windows' Blue Screen
> Of Death) of what is otherwise known as RLD - Red Led Death.
> It's a phenomenon where due to shock/vibration/movement the disk access
> stops working. Symptoms include a more or less non-responsive/hanging
> Rockbox and a constantly glowing red LED.
> > I've got this Hitachi disk in my JBR 20 ...
> Then you can potentially suffer from it as well. The Hitachi disks are
> some of the HD models for which RLOD has been obeserved. (There are
> indications that RLOD happends only on some HD models.)

Ok, I got that.
But, what still wonders me is, why does my JBR with Rockbox OS 2.1 only freezes while playing songs
and with Archos OS 1.28 only while navigating in the file system?
As to this point, I've got the fewest problems with Archos OS 1.27d.


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