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Subject: Recording Playback
From: Oscar Munoz (
Date: 2004-01-16

Hello all, I am forwarding this message on behalf of
my friend who is using the Rockbox software. Any help
on this would be great.....message to follow:

Dear Rockbox,

I have a Jukebox Recorder 20 with the latest 2.1

How in the world do I play back the recordings I
recorded? Do they end
up as a song or something?

I know how to start recording, or so I think? Maybe
i'm not even doing
that right? Please, any help would be greatly
Step by step directions would be great since I appear
to be kind of inept with this thing.
Also how do I get rid of the "Dir buffer full"
message? I have no idea
what that means?

Also on of the down buttons is stuck, has anybody
tried the remote
control Archos sells. Does it work? I figure this
would be easier and safer tan trying to fix the

Thanks for any help, greatly appreciated.

Thanks for any help, greatly appreciated.

Dan B.

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