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Subject: Re: WPS tags to display next-song info
From: Hardeep Sidhu (
Date: 2004-01-16

Daniel Stenberg wrote:

>On Thu, 15 Jan 2004, Hardeep Sidhu wrote:
>> I'm guessing that most users will be primarily interested in the next track
>> name. This value can be retrieved even if the mpeg thread has not yet
>> loaded the track by calling playlist_peek(1). So, how about special casing
>> track name and displaying it even if nid3 is NULL.
>Good idea. In fact, can't we replace almost all uses of id3->path in there
>with a call to playlist_peek(0) for the current song and playlist_peek(1) for
>the next one? Do we even need the path in the mp3entry struct?

playlist_peek() needs to read the track name from disk if it's stored in
the playlist or control file so we probably want to avoid that whenever
possible. We can certainly cache this information in a different
location if wanted but I don't see anything wrong with leaving it in the
mp3entry struct.


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