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Subject: Re: Boot errors with builds from this month

Re: Boot errors with builds from this month

From: BlueChip <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 22:12:34 +0000

One thing you didn't make 100% clear...

When you reverted back to the 2003-12-31 build, did your machine start
working again?

I too have a black bumper, non-flash, unmodified; if you pick a build to
test from the last few days, then I will try that specific build at the
same time and compare results.

The only time I have personally seen those errors is when loading bad
plugins (generally my own work during testing)

There have been a number of major core changes since 1/jan so it is within
reason that this is the cause.

However, I fear that there may be a problem with your machine that has only
just been highlighted.

On the other side, if we can find this "highlighting code" then it can be
tailored for you?


At 20:34 16/01/04, you wrote:
> Longtime user and lurker -- amazing product. I discovered this site
> before I had purchased an MP3 player, and because of what has been done
> here I don't think I ever used the built in Archos setup. I've reported
> a bug or two while using the daily builds, and I hope to someday be a
> contributor.
> I am having a problem with the recent builds, and I was hoping someone
> could point me in the right direction for fixing it. I haven't seen any
> other posts about this, so I figure I have done something wrong or
> managed to get myself in a unique configuration.
>My problem:
>Loading 040106, I get the following error on boot up: "I04:IllInstr at
>Loading 040116, I get the following error on boot up: "I09:CPUAdrEr at
>My situation:
> I own a Jukebox Recorder 20 (black bumpers, non-flashable, HD not
> upgraded) and have kept up with the daily builds on a semi-regular
> basis. The last daily build that worked for me was 031231. I tried
> loading the Bookmark build based off of 040101, had some problem with the
> bookmarking (I was very busy, didn't have time to figure it out to write
> a bug or anything), and went back to 031231. A few days later, I tried
> loading the 040106 build, and got an error (listed above). Again being
> busy I figured I had not done something or not read something right, and
> just went back to the 031231 build. So today I tried the 040116 build,
> and again got an error (listed above). In both cases, this error happens
> right after the archos screen is done loading - before I have any access
> to rockbox (I think before the rockbox splash screen, but I can go back
> and check if this is important).
> Usually I just drop the AJZ file in, and sometimes update the rocks if
> there are notes about changes to plugins. However, after this failing a
> few times I went ahead and replaced all files (including moving fonts and
> languages to folders). No matter what I do, I can't boot up with the
> newer builds. I know that the recorder has a memory storage area, and I
> wonder if it is possible that something in there is not compatable
> between the 031231 (or the bookmark build) and newer builds. If so, do I
> just remove batteries to clear that, or do I have to do something else?
>Any suggestions?
> Jason
Received on 2004-01-16

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