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Subject: Re: Random BUTTON_OFF events
Date: 2004-01-19

If your hardware is having a problem, then mine is too.

Since I finally jumped from a december build to recent january builds (I think I started with 040115), I have seen random stops. I have turned off the bookmark ask, so I am not getting that prompt. However, I get these random offs both connected to AC and on battery with my Jukebox Recorder 20 (black bumpers, no upgrades, not firmware flashable). In some cases, the unit has just been sitting on a shelf with nothing at all touching it. In my case, I just end up in the directory of the song that was last played. If I hit on, and hit play to resume, it usually goes back to whatever it was playing.

In a message dated 1/18/2004 2:57:27 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> Hi,
> since firmware/drivers/adc.c changed to version 1.6 I have really weired
> problems with random BUTTON_OFF events. When battery is below 50% and a disk
> access takes place it seems that BUTTON_OFF is triggered. When I'm in
> playback it stops and asks if I want to create a bookmark. When I have
> locked keys, then I get the splash screen "Key Lock Is ON" and playback
> continues. If I'm in the menu "Info->Debug->View runtime" screen (which can
> only be left with the OFF button) then the screen is left and rockbox is in
> the "Info->Debug" menu.
> Today I run a 15 hour test with a custom rockbox version. It consists of
> the latest CVS code except that adc.c was version 1.5. During that test I
> had absolutely no problem. When I booted into a rockbox version with adc.c
> 1.6 I had several playback stops.
> Is it possible that the new revision of adc.c really causes
> these problems or
> does it just surface a hardware problem of my Archos?

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