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Subject: RE: Difficulties loading .cfg files

RE: Difficulties loading .cfg files

From: Mark Bright <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 17:58:26 -0000

I have just downloaded a building edge build,
and the WPS screen when browsing .cfg's has
now been fixed (thanks Hardeep)

But does anyone else consider that 17 button
presses is just too many for loading configs?

F1, down, down, play, down, down, down,
play, up, play, play, up, play, left,
left, left, left
to select the bottom one in the list, and
Return to the WPS
And then another 18 presses to reselect
the alternate config.

When you consider one of them main objectives
Of .cfg files is the ease with which they allow
The user to reconfigure their box...

I am not sure what the answer is, but ever
Shorted and deeper menu's would not seem to
be ideal.



        From: []
On Behalf Of Mark Bright
        Sent: 18 January 2004 09:32
        Subject: Difficulties loading .cfg files

        I have recently started to seriously use two separate
        Normal mode: Small Font, Lots of info on screen etc and
        Car Mode: Upside down screen, large Font, simple display,
Alternating display lines etc.
        And as such have only just started to try the following:

        I am now finding difficulties loading the two .cfg files, on two
separate counts:

        1) The revised menu structure makes it a 10 button press operation

        2) Strange behaviour from Rockbox:
        Switch on your archos, and allow to resume, or start a track playing
if you don't have resume enabled
        F1 to enter menu
        General Settings
        Manage Settings
        Browse .cfg files
        The display then returns to the 'While Playing Screen'
        F1 to attempt to re-enter the menu and the screen is blank..
        Pressing UP display a line of corruption at the top of the screen
        Pressing RIGHT displays a message (too briefly to read accurately)
and then ROLO's
        Pressing DOWN seems to have no effect
        Pressing OFF (briefly) seems to have no effect
        Pressing ON (briefly) seems to have no effect
        Pressing LEFT returns to the WPS

        I have a FM Jukebox with today's daily build (040118) : Flashed, and
have also F1 started and ROLO'd 040118 - Same results
Received on 2004-01-19

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