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Subject: Re: JukeBox in the car
From: [IDC]Dragon (
Date: 2004-01-19

> The 3300's were the only two identical caps in my parts box that were
> large enough.
> All the rest that I had two or more of were little 100,000pF (and such)
> ceramic caps.

How about a little field trip to Radio Shack or such? You could alse grab a
few resistors, while you're there. ;)

> The 100Kohm's were on the Archos side of the caps. They are hooked
> between
> the (-)cap/JBR and ground. The (+) side of the cap is hooked directly to
> the main
> board in the radio where the tape deck board would normally have hooked
> up.

The wiring is correct. But the value should definitely be smaller, to make
sure the voltage across the resistor (and Archos) does never exceed 3V, not
even in transition from power-on.
Else you're in real danger of blowing the output caps of your Archos.


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