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Subject: Re: Wierd idea (bookmarking)
From: Henrik Backe (
Date: 2004-01-22

"Johan Vromans" wrote:
> After playing a while with bookmarking (neat feature!) I noticed that
> I often (actually, almost always) use it to turn a 'continue play'
> into a bookmark. General scenario:
> - I listen to something
> - Pause for some reason
> - Recorder switches off
> - I want to listen to something else
> - Switch on recorder
> - Continue? -> Yes
> - Stop -> Make Bookmark? -> Yes
> - Select other item to play
> So I would propose a third answer to the 'Continue' question: make
> bookmark, for example tied to ON+Play.
> Does that sound reasonable?

I've added autobookmarking to idle power off (and sleeptimer poweroff)
to ensure that I always has a bookmark and thus safely can answer no
to the resume question if I wants to listen to music (I usally listen to
audio books). The problem with my solution is that I call apps
code from firmware code which is a nogo.


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