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Subject: Re: Playlist viewer changes
From: Joseph Jones (
Date: 2004-01-26

Hardeep Sidhu wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've just committed a number of changes to the playlist viewer that will
> be available in the next daily build.
> 1. You can now view/edit playlists on disk by selecting
> ON+PLAY->Playlist->View on a playlist from the file browser.
> Features/functions are the same as when viewing the current playlist.
> Pressing PLAY on a track will stop whatever is currently playing and
> load/start the new playlist (including whatever modifications have been
> made to it in the viewer) at the specified track.
> Notes:
> - Any edits done to a playlist will be lost when you exit the viewer
> unless you save the playlist first (see below) or start playing it.
> - If nothing is currently playing, the size of the playlist that can be
> viewed/edited is limited by the "max playlist size" setting. However,
> if a track is playing then the the playlist cannot have more than 4096
> tracks.
> 2. A new menu has been created in the playlist viewer, accessed via
> F1(r) or MENU(p). Options available:
> a. Show Icons - Should icons be displayed in the viewer.
> b. Show Indices - Should the playlist index be prepended to the track name.
> c. Track Display - Should the full path be displayed or just the track
> name.
> d. Save Current Playlist - Save the playlist at the specified location.
> 3. All the options of ON+PLAY in the file browser have been added to the
> playlist viewer and can be accessed via ON+PLAY->File Options.
> As always, please report any bugs on the mailing list and/or the bug
> tracker.
> -Hardeep

It perhaps would have been of more use if I'd mentioned this before, but
I think a nice feature would be being able to delete all tracks but the
one selected in a playlist. That way, when you're creating a new
playlist, you can start playing the first file you want, then have it
delete everything other than that file and start adding files as you please.


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