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Subject: A digital out issue: Rockbox vs. Archos Firmware
From: Florian Wüchner (
Date: 2004-01-26


I just got my Archos Jukebox Recorder and installed Rockbox on it.
Rockbox works like a charm - especially when flashed into the ROM!
However I came up with a digital out issue.
I experienced different behaviour, when I use the Archos Firmware (v
1.28) and Rockbox (v 2.1). When I connect the Jukebox (digital out) to
my Creative DTT3500 (digital DIN in) via the Minijack to DIN connector,
it works with the Archos Firmware but not with Rockbox.
The minijack plug which shipped with the DTT3500 has four contacts (in
contrast to the three contacts of standard stereo minijack).
However, if I pull the minijack out of the Jukebox, so that the last
contact on the minijack does no longer bear on the digital out jack, it
works again and I can hear the sound again. In order to work with the
Archos firmware the minijack plug has to be fully inserted.

It seems to me that Archos Firmware and Rockbox access the digital out
differently. Does anybody have an explanation for this?



I'm quite new to this list so I apologize if someone already brought up
this issue.

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