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Subject: Re: settings.h and windows headers don't like each other
From: Hardeep Sidhu (
Date: 2004-01-31

[IDC]Dragon wrote:

>since I gave the plugins access to the settings, the Win32 simulator is
>In settings.h, we define the following:
>enum optiontype { INT, BOOL };
>These IDs conflict with the typedefs in the windows header. "plugin.c" needs
>the windows headers for the DLL loading, and now also the settings
>definition, that's where both collides.
>Any specific suggestions how to resolve that? I would just rename the enum
>values (in several files), but maybe there's a smarter way.

You can "#define BOOL win32_BOOL" and "#define INT win32_INT" just
before including windows.h in plugin-win32.h. It's kludgy but so are
many things in the win32 simulator. =)


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