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Subject: Re: Testing F2 user menu

Re: Testing F2 user menu

From: Eric Linenberg <>
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 20:16:10 -0500

I definitly like where this is heading, but as it stands right now
there are a bunch of bugs -- it is as you say a proof of concept. I
think a config file like this might make the most sense for all key
options on the archos. Everyone has their favorite
plugin/settings/etc. Can't wait to see where this is headed. Also,
what about a source patch?


cf> Hey guys,

cf> I have done a proof of concept for the F2 user menu which is available at
cf> This is only for the
cf> recorder at this stage (not the FM). When you rolo F2_Test.AJZ, just press
cf> (and release) the F2 button and youíll see the user menu.

cf> You use \.rockbox\ to define the key mappings you want. For
cf> example, you could have a mapping to view all plugins, or run a specific
cf> plugin.

cf> The following line in

cf> 512;91; ;
cf> - 512 is the code for F2
cf> - 91 is the #define for browse plugins within my code
cf> - space means use the LANG for the menu desctiption
cf> - empty means default action, which is browse plugins

cf> 512;91;Hello World;/.rockbox/rocks/helloworld.rock
cf> - 512 is the code for F2
cf> - 91 is the #define for browse plugins within my code
cf> - Hello World will be displayed in the menu
cf> - Runs the /.rockbox/rocks/helloworld.rock

cf> Not all functions have been converted (itís a big job), so I have just done
cf> my favourites (plus some other requests Iíve seen).

cf> Iíve been able to save the quickscreen functionality, so it still works as
cf> long as you donít release the F2 key. There is no sorting yet, and the only
cf> way to change the menu entries is to edit

cf> Please let me know what you think, and whether I should proceed further.
cf> Let me know of errors too.

cf> Cheers,

cf> c0utta

cf> _________________________________________________________________
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Received on 2004-02-01

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