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Subject: Spurratic key presses
From: Fox (
Date: 2004-02-02

I wrote a while ago about my volume being lowered one notch occasuionally
when my jbr20 (50077) non-flashed unit would be turned on and begin playing.
last night i was reading the TECH.TXT file in the .rockbox/doc directory.
when i was halfway through the file i breifly hit the downkey once to get
the next page. the hard drive spun up and i found myself about 5 pages
futher then i wanted to go. it seems that, at least on my unit, when the
hard drive spins up it likes to press the down key sometimes. i can not get
this to happen repeatedly, i have tried reading the FAQ.TXT in hopes that
when the HD would spin up to get more of the file it would jump many pages
down. However, I can not reproduce it at my will. I hope this helps those
who are trying to solve the problem.


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