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Subject: Re: Firmware for AV300 Series
From: [IDC]Dragon (
Date: 2004-02-05

> Avos primary aim is to port Linux to the AV/MM units.

Is it?
Oh no, not just another "let's port Linux on anything where in doesn't
belong" attempts. So far I was thinking they want to do something useful.
Like, a swift lightweight system that does the job of a gadget.

> I hope to use the
> hardware information gathered by the Avos team to make Rockbox run on
> players. For this purpose, I have bought an AV340.

Well, I hope my AJBRec lasts on me, mp3s stay in fashion, and larger 2.5"
disks with parallel interfaces, too. The AV3xx is nice, but I can't bear
another project.


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