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Subject: Re: ANNOUNCE: audio/video player released, authoring tools

Re: ANNOUNCE: audio/video player released, authoring tools

From: BlueChip <>
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2004 14:11:11 +0000

AWESOME! ...Need I say more :)

>I've now committed a first version into cvs. It's in the bleeding edge build
>now, in the daily from tomorrow on. It's a bit better than the sneak
>(Daniel said the futurama clip was downloaded 45 times until the afternoon!)
>The extra feature is seeking and a few minor fixes. Seeking happens "blind",
>like the mp3 playback of Rockbox. I'd like to implement "shrubbing", but not
>The authoring tools to make you own videos (with your own refresh rate
>maybe) are here:
>Use only this new halftone tool, my old one is not accurate enough to stay
>in sync with audio. The new tool is rvf_mux, which combines a .rvf (the output
>of halftone) with an mp3 file into a new .rvf file. You can also use this
>new file again as a video input file to rvf_mux, so no need to keep the
>audioless one.
>Those are all command line tools, use them without parameters to get the
>options. I will write better instructions later on.
>Keep the frame rates in mind, they need to stay the same across the tools.
>If you want to tailor to your box, you need to know its approx. LCD refresh
>rate (-play_fps, default is 67), can be found out with:
>I plan on integrating this test into the player.
>The other rate (only needed by halftone) is -movie_fps, the rate of your
>source material. Default is 29,97 Hz, for NTSC video. PAL needs 25.0, your
>may vary, use some info tool to find out if you don't know. If this is
>wrong, audio and video will quickly run apart.
>I've made myself a batch file for the conversion, content is something like:
>avitoyuv flaskOut.avi flaskOut.yuv
>halftone flaskOut.yuv flaskOut.rvf -m 29.97 -p 67.0
>rvf_mux flaskOut.rvf flaskAudioOut.mp2 Futurama.rvf -p 67.0
>(But I don't recommend flask, it's pretty bad about downscaling video to
>112*64, edges look jagged). Remember you need an 112*64 pixel .avi as an input
>to the whole procedure. The tools contain avi2wav, useful for extracting the
>audio from an .avi. You need to compress it to mp3 then. VBR is possible and
>recommended, to save space. But most video tools should be able to dump the
>audio track without a need for recompression (in case it's mp2 or mp3).
>Input on suitable video tools is welcome.
>Have fun,
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Received on 2004-02-06

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