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Subject: RE: voice recording on jukebox recorder 20
From: Fred Maxwell (
Date: 2004-02-09

Scott wrote:

> also, the 'R' is for 'read,' meaning you should actually _read_ through it
> (as opposed to
> searching for a word and giving up), as it contains lots of useful info
> and i'm assuming you're
> fairly new to rockbox.

The 'F***ing Manual' (as you so politely referred to it with your "RTFM")
for Rockbox is 68 pages long. I can understand why someone might not have
time to read it from beginning to end prior to asking a question on this

I have been on many mailing lists over the years and this one may be the
most consistently hostile one. Did you ever consider welcoming a new member
rather than telling him to "RTFM" in response to his first posting? You
could also have just as easily written something like:

"Use the F1 button to open the main menu and then select 'Recording.' For
more information on recording, see the Rockbox manual at Hope this helps."

Could we try to be a little more pleasant -- especially with those new to

  Fred Maxwell


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