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Subject: Re: Serial connection and Rockbox?
From: [IDC]Dragon (
Date: 2004-02-10

> Right, so it's kinda... half-duplex without modding the box?


> So... some kind of two-way communication is possible without internal
> modding, though it may not be overly fast?

Yes, I use this e.g. for my Alpine CD changer emulation, to hookup to a car
stereo. It doesn't require much speed.

The max. baudrate on the RX (remote) pin is 345600 Baud for a recorder,
Clk/32. The transmit would have to be done by bitbanging, which can also be quite
fast. We do similar for the LCD and get >800kHz.

It can be envisioned to tie multiple boxes together and form a kind of
network with it, collision detection like for ethernet.


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