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Subject: Re: MP3-Cutter for CUE-Files?

Re: MP3-Cutter for CUE-Files?

From: (wrong string) ürgen Hestermann <>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 18:15:31 +0100

> >>> I am looking for an MP3-cutting utility that can cut a large MP3-
> >>> file into separate songs by the corresponding .CUE-file. This
> >>> should be done at once, so that I get all the songs cutted out at once. Is
> >>> there Andreas has pointed me to 2 utilities. I just wanted to tell, that
> >> MUSICUTTER did the job very easy (did not need to read any manual).
> >> With MP3DIRECTCUT i couldn´t do it even after about 15 min
> >> investigating and reading the manual. Andre
> > Yes, MP3DirectCut has a very crude user interface. It took me quite a
> > while to understand it and the manual does not tell all details. But
> I would use the word simple rather than crude, and your description sounds
> as if you are using a very old version of the software. There are buttons
> to jump between cues/cuts in the version I am using (1.34) |< and >| to
> the left of the "In" button,

I have version 1.30. Yes, you can also use the buttons to jump to the next
cut but you also can do this with 'List'. It does not matter much.

> and I can't even begin to figure out what you
> are trying to accomplish in the last procedure you describe.

In my last procedure I tried to describe how to get the audio buttons working again
on a previously defined cut which I thought could be useful for others and which I
is not described in the manual.

> Check your zoom setting if you are having trouble seeing the graphical
> display, and maybe even try resetting to defaults by deleting the .ini file.

That does not change anything. If I use MP3DirectCut on a file freshly created by
my Archos Recorder then the beginning of the file can *never* be displayed. If I then
save the loaded file and load it again then this is possible but not directly. In general,
this is not a huge problem because I never want to cut a fresh file that near to the
beginning but still I find it worth mentioning.

> The quick reference image alone is enough to get most people started,

That is not true.

> and the only remotely difficult concept to "learn" is that a cut is "Left
> click start and right click end" or "Drag" and a Cue is a single click.
> Save as Split works with both cuts and cues so this is not an issue.

The manual does not say much about the general concepts and how
to do things. Most has to be found out by trial and error. Those who have
used other MP3 tools for years may find out the one or other faster but
newbies will have real problems with the manual.

> Not to be mean, but I didn't want you to scare anyone away from this very
> useful bit of software, which I personally have found very simple to use.
> Chris

Then why didn't *you* answer Andre and tell him how he could achieve what he wanted
with MP3DirectCut? The only reason for my posting was to give hints which could
help a potential user to try the program again even if he found it himself crude.


Received on 2004-02-11

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