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Subject: unstable?
From: Minuk Choi (
Date: 2004-02-12

While I was merrily listening to MP3s on my ARCHOS FMR(they help me code), the FMR experienced some sort of malfunction. audio would stop and/or song would abruptly end and jump to another song. This wasn't random(that is, if I located that song and rewound, it would occur again at the same spot).

I thought maybe the HD was damaged... but if I rollback to the original firmware, the MP3 plays correctly. And I noticed that the volume is better on the original.

I'm using Rockbox version 040204-1843

Comments to any issues I've addressed would be greatful.
    1. Sound seems "fuller" on the original than rockbox
    2. Sometimes Rockbox has trouble playing MP3 files, but when rebooted with the original firmware, FMR(not rockbox) can play the files in question in its completeness.



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