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Subject: Re: sound settings when as aux....
From: [IDC]Dragon (
Date: 2004-02-14

> When using your Archos as aux for an amplified unit,
> how do you have the sound settings set?? I've tried
> the flat/plain concept and it sounds OK... just
> wondering what you have so I don't waste much time
> testing it ;-)
> How about volume? Do you set it accordingly? Or just
> leave it at a certain level - say 75%?

Sound settings flat is a good idea.
Volume should be 93%, this is 0 dB.
Everything above causes clipping distortion, unless the source material is
very weakly recorded. Commercial material usually uses the full range, so
volume settings above 93 are not very useful. I would even vote for making 93 our
new 100%, to avoid such distortion.


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