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Subject: Re: Video Converter Windows GUI
From: John Wunder (
Date: 2004-02-20

On Thu, 19 Feb 2004 15:29:49 +0100, Uwe Freese <> wrote:
> Read the first Bytes. If the file starts with "RIFF", it's w WAV. You
> can use StripHdr.exe (command line prog) from WinDac to strip off the
> wav header, or do it yourself in with your GUI program (WAV header is
> 48(?) bytes).

Yeah, I'm replying to the same thing twice. Sue me. Anyway, both start
with RIFF. Apparently avi2wav thinks it's extracting a wav so puts the
wav header on it. So I tested it. Made 2 short clips of AVI, one with
PCM audio and one with MP3 audio. Extracted both with avi2wav. Both had
similar headers:
WAV: RIFF~²' WAVEfmt    D¬ ±   dataX²'
MP3: RIFF‚Ÿ WAVEfmt  U  "V X    ¶  qdataPŸ
(In hex of course...this is just what I got in notepad cause I don't have
a hex editor).

Then I used LAME on both, and the wav of course gave me a good mp3 but the
MP3 with wav header( and file extension) gave me crap.

So, reading the header won't work. Also, it is apparently an mp3 wrapped
a wav. Why avi2wav does this is beyond me.
New version up though, same location. Now with automatic resizing goodness
via AVISynth. This means you also have to download AVISynth, but only if
you want the resizing. So don't click resize if you don't have AVISynth.

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